Hours of Operation

While each of our merchants have their own operating hours, the SF Market is open 3am to 9am, Monday through Friday. Many of the merchants are open for limited hours on Saturday. Please contact individual merchants for their specific hours.

Holiday Dates

The following dates are holidays observed by The SF Market. Given that many of the individual merchants remain open on holiday dates, we suggest you contact individual merchants for their holiday hours.

2018 Holidays

  • New Year’s Day - January 1

  • President's Day – February 19

  • Memorial Day – May 28

  • Independence Day – July 4

  • Labor Day – September 3

  • Thanksgiving – November 22 and 23

  • Christmas – December 25 and 26

How to become a Customer

Our merchants primarily focus on business to business sales. If you are representing a business and would like a comprehensive orientation to The SF Market, please contact our office at info@sfproduce.org or call 415-550-4495.

How to become a Supplier

The SF Market is home to a broad variety of produce wholesalers and distributors who are always in need of strong suppliers. If you are interested in becoming a supplier, please contact individual merchants directly. If you need additional assistance, contact our office at  info@sfproduce.org or 415-550-4495 and we'll connect you to the right on-market businesses.

How to become a Tenant

The SF Market office leases warehouse space to produce wholesalers and distributors as well as small-sized office spaces to businesses of all types. If you are interested in becoming a tenant, please contact our office at 415-550-4495.

Where to Eat at the Market

J & V Café is located in one of the buildings of The SF Market and they offer a full breakfast and lunch menu including rotisserie chicken, fresh sandwiches, and salads either dine-in or to-go. J & V Café is open from 1am to 2pm, Monday through Friday. The phone number to reach the Café is 415-824-5200.

How to Locate a Particular Product

Our merchants carry a wide selection of the freshest produce ranging from organic to conventional, specialty to commodities, and from local product as close as forty miles away, to international. Please see our Merchant Directory for details about what type of produce is sold. Contact our merchants directly for inquiries about particular products and hours of operation for planning when to visit or call merchants.

Customers of the Produce Market

While The SF Market is open to the public, our customers are primarily those buying wholesale produce for grocery stores, markets, restaurants, catering, and a host of other food businesses in the Bay Area. 

Role of the Market Office

Our office serves the role of handling the following types of issues for The SF Market:

  1. Operations and Property Management

  2. Property Leasing

  3. Coordination with Merchants

  4. Customer Liaison Relations

  5. Press and Media Relations

  6. Trade and Industry Tours

  7. Board Governance

  8. Community Programs

Please contact our office for questions related to the functions we serve by emailing us at info@sfproduce.org or calling 415-550-4495.